I am a RIBA Part I architectural assistant with an interest in interdisciplinary architecture. My work highlights the importance of context, sustainability, and bricolage through experimental and probing research. I am particularly fascinated by the role of light and materiality in architecture.

You will always find me with a sketchbook and almost always scribbling into it. Most of the books I own are riddled with marginalia and I think this speaks very accurately of my creative process: it thrives in chaos and uses its restless energy to solve problems, craft solutions, and perfect all outcomes. I refuse to settle and have a detail-oriented approach to most things.
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︎ nandinigoel6@gmail.com
︎ +44 7464110267 / +91 9582216918 



2021 MacMag 46 (page 72)
2020 Guggenheim Museum New York
2020 Non-Architecture Journal + REDRAW2.0 Book (link to buy)


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