Cultural Urban Dining Hall & Farm

2022 / academic / glasgow, scotland / individual / 1500 sqm

The Barras, situated in the Calton District of Glasgow, has had a long and rich history of cultural exchange – a large part of which focussed on food. As the market celebrates its centenary, it is now filled with art and exhibition spaces, up-and-coming artisanal cafes, among other venues which have attracted the attention of Glasgow’s creative population.

In acknowledging the diversity of the city and in an attempt to restore an aspect of cultural exchange in the Barras, this project is an exploration of food as a means of connecting and forming compassion. Centred around a communal kitchen and dining hall, the pavilion introduces rituals of preparing food to encourage social participation and compassion for differences in cultural activities.

Acting as a lamp at night with diffused lighting through the timber and polycarbonate structure, the communal kitchen supports a circular economy where everything is produced, consumed, and sold within the building with the food waste converted into compost and used back for the nourishment of the crops it grows.