AA Visiting School Barcelona – Bodega Research Group Prototype 3

2020 / extracurricular / barcelona, spain / 1600 sqm

The design brief of AA Visiting School Barcelona was to design and detail a fully- functioning vertical winery in collaboration with two architecture firms (SALA FERUSIC Architects and APPAREIL). Working alongside the mentors – Edouard Cabay, Carles Sala, and Relja Ferusic – and the other team members, we designed and developed an architectural proposal for an experimental project through the production of a series of architectural drawings: conceptual images and diagrams, conversations, experiments, parametric modelling, performance analysis, and 2D projection drawings.

The initial stages of the design development were completed in group tutorial sessions to allow for experimentation with our personal interpretations of form and function for a vertical winery prototype. Later, we detailed the process of wine-making in the structure, from the growing of the plants to the metabolism, storage, fermentation, and tasting of the wine.